Sustainability & Style: A Natural Pairing

Lace Print Mini Rozy Slim Line Wallet

Studio 35 by Deidra

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Lace Print Mini Rozy Slim Line Wallet
Lace Print Mini Rozy Slim Line Wallet
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Don’t need a full size wallet when you head out? Grab a few cards and a little cash and off you go.

Gorgeous, handmade from premium Portugese Cork, the Mini Rozy Slim Line Wallet has a sophisticated metal clasp giving it a very high end feel.

Wallet features 6 card slots, a 3 deeper slip pockets and a secure zippered pocket. Closed, the wallet measures approximately 4 1/2” x 4 1/2” and features a detachable wrist strap.

This cork is a natural, sustainable, PETA certified, vegan, ecofriendly product imported from Portugal. The bark of the Cork Oak tree is peeled without harming the tree, every 9 years, being reharvested again and again! Some cork forests are 2000 years old. The cork used in this product is similar in durability and fee to animal leather but vegan friendly! It is water resistant and has natural anti-mildew/antibacterial qualities. Thank you for choosing cork!

(Pattern by Serial Bag Makers.)

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